Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Everyday, as I drive to the office, I roll down my window and take in the cool morning air and just for a brief second, I take it in.... how great it is to be alive, to be healthy, and to be here in the US.

Monday, June 29, 2009

同濟會 生命接力抗癌 華人踴躍響應 Kiwanis at Relay for Life

同濟會 生命接力抗癌 華人踴躍響應 Kiwanis at Relay for Life

Relay For Life of Arcadia 2009 June 27 to 28 11am to 11am

Santa Anita Park

24 hours you will never forget!

This year we honor the moemory of Charles Gilb, pat Mayor of Arcadia and highly respected Arcadia resident
Kiwanis of Arcadia

the star of our booth... Pot Stickers!!

生命接力抗癌 華人踴躍響應
June 28, 2009 12:00 AM
來自亞凱迪亞的華裔高中生,以各式各樣青少年喜愛的商品,進行抗癌義賣。 記者陳慈暉∕攝影

為協助美國癌症協會籌募抗癌研究及預防推廣經費,亞凱迪亞市27日在聖塔安尼塔跑馬場舉辦24小時「生命接力賽」(Relay for Life),當天參加者的捐款即接近4萬元,現場更有許多社團籌設義賣攤位,參與的華裔青少年及居民相當踴躍,義賣所得也將捐贈給該癌症協會。



華 裔會員占三分之二的同濟會(Kiwanis Club),去年參與「生命接力賽」活動後,今年再度參與。會長許惠欽表示,癌症罹患者有逐漸年輕化趨勢,今年除特別捐2500元給美國癌症協會,作為兒 童癌症研究外,更發動亞凱迪亞高中100位學生參加生命接力賽,同時也在現場設立攤位,宣導禁菸、如何以健康生活及飲食防癌等觀念與知識。

18位亞凱迪亞華裔高中學生,除輪番上陣參加接力賽,還以命名為「Nothing is bigger than love」的攤位,以刺青貼紙、夜光裝飾品、射氣球及猜謎遊戲、現場製作動物氣球等多項活動,進行抗癌義賣。

另 一由華裔高中生組成的非營利社團「Simply Savant」,就讀克萊蒙高中九年級的會長寧琪表示,該會由14位來自聖蓋博、亞凱迪亞、聖迪瑪斯、克萊蒙、聖伯納諾汀諾及奇諾岡等地的高中生組成,今 年暑假在巴沙迪那從事暑期學習營的義工服務,並首次報名參加「生命接力賽」的活動,該會會員平日都頗愛運動,不乏排球、籃球、網球及高爾夫球高手,大家對 這項持續進行24小時的活動,都信心滿滿。

該活動將持續至28日上午11時,有興趣者可前往參加,地址:285 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA 91007。

Why Do We Relay?

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. The American Cancer Society Relay For Life® unites communities across the country each year to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that takes too much.

This year marks the beginning of our celebration of 25 years of Relay For Life®. Won’t you join us this year and be a part of Relay? Help us mark this milestone and celebrate the successes we’ve achieved together during the last 25 years.

Watch a short video on Relay For Life and the impact that the event has on people and the community, by clicking on the image above.

Your involvement with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life is essential to supporting our mission to eliminate cancer as a major health issue. The American Cancer Society fights cancer on four fronts: research, education, advocacy, and service.

--excerpt from American Cancer Society Website

The American Cancer Soceity is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education advocacy and service.
Thanks to Douglas, we pot sticker was the hot item of the day!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kiwanis Karaoke Mixer!

It's time to get shine!

At the Kiwanis Karaoke Mixer, people sang to their hearts content! But Douglas, don't grow up so fast. We'll leave the more mature lyrics for another day.... :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiwanis Golf Event on April 25,2009

a Success!!

Everyone had a lot of fun!
The sun was bright and the lawn was green. A successful drive brought a big smile to everyone's face.

Kiwanis Golf Event

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kiwanis Golf Event Reminder

April 25, 2009 (Saturday) 12pm-6pm

Arcadia Golf Course
620 E Live Oak, Arcadia, CA 91006

Contact Info:
(562) 695-1513 中文 | Jeri
(650) 279-1212 English | Douglas

亞 凱迪亞同濟會將在 Arcadia高爾夫球場 (Arcadia Golf Course) 舉辦 2009年第一屆青少年高爾夫籌款活動. Arcadia高爾夫球場是一個3桿(Par 3) 的高爾夫球場. 非常適於青少年或初學者. 贊助費 $40 可包括一位大人和一位小孩再加上一人一個午餐盒飯. 家長可以帶著孩子們度過一個享受陽光和健康快樂的下午.

國際同濟會的宗旨與動力在於 ”幫助全世界所需要關懷的孩子/Serving the Children of the world”
亞凱迪亞同濟會更是本著服務社區的精神, 希望聚集一群有愛心的義工,幫助我們周邊的孩子們.

Arcadia Kiwanis Club Is holding It’s first annual Youth Golf Foundraising at Arcadia Golf Course. Arcadia Golf Course Is a par 3 course. Whether you are a beginner or a young player, It’s designed for you. Sponsorship of $40 will Include on adult with one child and lunch for both. Parents are welcome to bring their children for a fun filling and Healthy afternoon!

The goal of Kiwanis International has been “Serving the Children of the world”. Arcadia Kiwanis Club striving to serve the community, and It’s children.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunshine Day Program at our Installation Party

The Sunshine Day Program 陽光庀護學園需要您的關心
is licensed by the state of California and city of Cerritos.
It is part of a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization-The Families with Special Children Association
陽光庀護學園是南加州唯一由華人統籌經營的心理障礙者學習中心 , 陽光庀護學園秉持非營利經營理念, 提供學園優質及多元化的學習環境, 並以幼吾幼以及人之幼的父母心為管理方針, 適使心理障礙兒都得到溫馨安全的照顧.

The program helps developmentally disabled adults to acquire self-help, pro-vocational, and communication skills It also provides them with the opportunity to interact with and enjoy the community.

The program is designed for individuals who:
* at least 18 years of age;
* have a need to acquire self-help skills;
* do not have medical needs which require licensed medical staff; and
* do not exhibit self-abusive or aggressive behaviors

Contact info:

Sunshine Day Program
Tel: (562) 809-6868
Fax:(562) 809-8686
17538 Studebaker road, Cerritos, CA 90703

Golf Events

Arcadia Kiwanis Club Invitational
Upcoming Events

Event Info
Arcadia Golf Course
Saturday: April 25, 2009
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
620 E Live Oak, Arcadia, CA 91006

$40 per person, which includes one child admission (7-17 years old) and a box lunch for each participant

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Arcadia Kiwanis Club, I would like to invite you to our first annual golf fundraiser. The Arcadia Kiwanis Club Invitational will be hosted at the Arcadia Golf Course on Saturday April 25, 2009 from 12:00 - 6:00 pm. Its a par 3 golf course, so we should be able to finish easily within 4 hours.

This is a great chance to mingle, make new friends and establish new business contacts. Please RSVP with me at the number below, so I can reserve you a spot.

If you would like to volunteer for the event or future Kiwanis Events, feel free to contact me at the number below for more information.


Douglas Lee
Arcadia Kiwanis Club Vice President
AmerEstate Realty, Inc.
25 E Foothill Blvd, 3rd Floor
Arcadia, CA 91006


I have many happy memories with my friends playing golf. This is your chance to make new friends and create more happy memories on the golf course. I look forward to seeing you there!

Event Info

Arcadia Golf Course
Saturday: April 25, 2009
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
620 E Live Oak, Arcadia, CA 91006
$40 per person, which includes one child admission (7-17 years old) and a box lunch for each participant

Please RSVP through email or by calling Douglas Lee at 650-279-1212

Arcadia Kiwanis Club
The Arcadia Kiwanis Club is a community service organization dedicated to making a difference by changing the world one child and one community at a time.

The Kiwanis Club focuses on the needs of ordinary people and children to create extraordinary life-changing moments. Since its inception in Detroit, Michigan in 1915, Kiwanis members, Kiwanians, have volunteered to help shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, mentor the disadvantaged, and care for the sick, and much more. Kiwanis and its Service Leadership Programs boast a membership of more than 600,000 men, women, and youth in nearly 16,000 clubs in more than 70 countries and geographic areas.

A Word From Our Sponsor: Terra Lauren

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Lauren Chi is the founder of Terra Lauren, a reusable products company which donates a portion of their proceeds to The Nature Conservancy.

For more information check out:

Free Eco Friendly Bag for all paid attendants of the Kiwanis Club Invitational
Lead. Make the commitment. Join the Arcadia Kiwanis Club and make a difference in your life and those less fortunate. Working together, we achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. If we all just give back just a little, what a difference we can make and how much better the world would be because of our efforts.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kiwanis Picnic

March 28, 2009


A great picnic bash in March. Great food was served and learned some Kunfu.
Can't wait for our next meeting!

Kiwanis Picnic

Monday, February 23, 2009

Report from World Journal 世界日報

亞市同濟會募款 會長交接


亞凱迪亞同濟會(Kiwanis of Arcadia)13日舉辦慈善募款餐會暨新任會長交接典禮。


亞凱迪亞同濟會會長許惠欽(John Hsu)表示,上任後要朝著「促進親子關係」方向努力,加強不同族裔小孩文化交流,並發揚中國傳統「孝順」美德。

World Journal 世界日報

Report from Chinese Daily News 台灣時報


新任會長John 許接任 慈善募款餐會在慶相逢海鮮酒家舉行

(本報訊) 亞凱迪亞同濟會舉行 2009年新任會長John 許接任在慈善募款餐會在慶相逢海鮮酒家舉辦。 在今年的餐會上 John Hsu 希望推廣2009年亞凱迪亞同濟會的主題 – 促進親子關係,給孩子有更好的未來。 同時提倡及解說國際同濟會的宗旨與動力是在於「幫助全世界所需要關懷的孩子 / Serving the Children of the world」。

當 晚的節目將會安排孩子們的表演,其中也特別邀請喜憨兒兒童的演出,讓大家更能感同身受,這些孩子們的純真可愛及努力不懈的精神,了解到他們的未來決定在於 善心人士的勉勵關懷與贊助。
HILL SIDE 是個歷史悠久的孤兒院,創立於1913 直到近代成為寄養學院 HILLSIDE 是一個安全及溫暖的地方, 讓有需要的孩童可以居住在此,而在這兒的孩童都是從一些有問題的家庭或是其他寄養家庭所來的,這些孩童沒有辦法像一般的孩子可以擁有正常的家庭關懷,所以他們大多都有一些心理上的障礙去面對社會。 所以同濟會會員們及Hillside的教職員都希望這次的活動可以讓他們體驗一下家庭聚會的重要性及價值。

想要了解更多有關寄養孩童的訊息 可以聯絡 HILLSIDE (323) 255-9005 或上網站查詢 and
Contact : Marisol Barrios-Jordan, Hillsides Office: (323) 254-2274 ext. 274 Mobile: (310) 713-8567 E-mail:

John Hsu, Kiwanis Arcadia
Mobile: (626) 374-3180

如需詳情請 洽: (562)695-1513

Report from Taiwan Daily News


(記者陳美伶/羅斯密市報導)亞 凱迪亞同濟會(Kiwanis of Arcadia)於2月13日(週五)晚上在羅斯密市舉辦「2009會長交接暨慈善募款餐會」,剛接任會長的許惠欽表示,未來將持續該會宗旨「幫助全世界 所需要關懷的孩子、促進親子關係、給孩子更好的未來」,致力於擴充亞凱迪亞圖書館藏書及課程、訪問各地寄養學院及兒童組織,協助當地兒童發展。

此次活動表演節目精彩,許惠欽說 明,包括安貞舞蹈社演出「雙人踢踏舞」、兒童小提琴獨奏、喜憨兒精彩演出等,而會中的勸募所得,也將悉數捐助林肯訓練中心(Lincoln Training Center)、Hillsides寄養學院、陽光庇護學園(Sunshine Day Program)等三個非營利組織。



同濟會是一個國際性社團組織,於 1915年在密西根州底特律成立,至今已有94年歷史,其下各分會舉辦多項社區環境維護、扶老活動、識字專案、提倡青少年運動及育樂活動、災難救助等社會 服務專案,同時也培育社區領導傳承,成立小學階段的同幼社、國中階段的同少社、高中階段的同青社、大學階段的同圓社等,也由身心障礙成人組成同濟行動會, 並透過全球會員的努力,致力於「服務兒童,無遠弗屆」。

Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Installation Fund Rising Dinner

2009 President John Hsu & 2008 President Paul Cheng

Feb 13, 2009 6:30pm
East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant
8118A E. Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770

Kiwanis of Arcadia on Feb 13, 2009, will install it’s newest President John Hsu.
On this day, John wishes to emphasis theme of 2009 Kiwanis of Arcadia “Increase family relationships and work together to give our children a better future”
He also wants to express the theme of the Kiwanis International “Serving the Children of the world”, in hopes that will raise the awareness and the motion to help the children everywhere.

On Feb 13, 2009, Kiwanis of Arcadia has prepare a fantastic program which not only included the children’s performance, but also the performance from the Family with Special Children Association and Lincoln Training Center. These are the children with special needs that needs special attention. John has great hope that by seeing their tenacity and eagerness for life even when facing life adversities, our community can reach in their hearts and souls to help these children to better their lives.

Kiwanis of Arcadia sincerely hope that in 2009, the time of economic turmoil and adversity, our focus can be broaden to include those whom are part of our community and requires our help.


亞凱迪亞同濟會將舉行2009年新任會長John許的交接慈善募款餐會於2月13日晚上 6:30在慶相逢海鮮酒家舉辦。
在今年的餐會上, John Hsu希望推廣2009年亞凱迪亞同濟會的主題 – 促進親子關係,給孩子有更好的未來。 同時提倡及解說國際同濟會的宗旨與動力是在於幫助全世界所需要關懷的孩子。
當晚的節目將會安排孩子們的表演,其中也特別邀請喜憨兒兒童的演出,讓大家更能感同身受,這些孩子們的純真可愛及努力不懈的精神,了解到他們的未來決定在於善心人士的勉勵關懷與贊助。 在這一晚凱迪亞同濟會與John許誠心希望可以引起大家的善心與共鳴,期望2009年亞凱迪亞同濟會可以偕同更多的有心人來造福我們的社區。如需詳情請洽: (562)695-1513

2009 Kiwanis of Arcadia Installation

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Report from Chinese Daily News

(本報訊)在洛杉磯的華裔義工團 體、亞凱迪亞同濟會(Kiwanis of Arcadia)於今日(週六)下午2點至3點30分,將把華人傳統的農曆新年帶入一所位於巴沙迪納的寄養學院Hillsides(940 Ave 64, Pasadena, CA 91105),讓這些孩童有機會認識「華人如何過傳統農曆新年」。

所有的義工都是亞凱迪亞同濟會會員,而同濟會是由一群致力於服務社區及全球兒童、青少年的社會人士所組成,其宗旨是希望可以幫助到所有需要幫助的孩童,所以這次他們將讓 Hillsides的孩童有新體驗、認識不一樣的新年!

這些同濟會會員,將會用遊戲及活 動等方式解說農曆新年的由來、意義,以及新年時會做的事情,例如如何佈置新年、發紅包討吉利的源由、如何製作手工燈籠,還有教他們一些傳統的遊戲,像是扯 鈴、踢毽子等,讓孩童可以從趣味中有更深的體驗來認識華人的農曆新年,而將這種具有正面教育意義的活動帶給HILLSIDES的孩童是所有同濟會會員的希 望。

HILL SIDE是個歷史悠久的孤兒院,創立於1913年,直到近代成為寄養學院。HILLSIDE是一個安全及溫暖的地方,讓有需要的孩童可以居住在此,而在這 兒的孩童都是從一些有問題的家庭或是其他寄養家庭所來的,這些孩童沒有辦法像一般的孩子可以擁有正常的家庭關懷,所以他們大多面對社會都有一些心理障礙。



想要了解更多有關寄養孩童的訊息,請電洽HILLSIDE (323) 255-9005 或上網至、 查詢。


(記者陳美伶/巴沙迪納市報導)適逢牛年春節,洛杉磯市、蒙市、天普市都舉辦各項慶祝活動,但也有華裔團體趁年節獻愛心,到寄養學院關心院童,過個不一樣的農曆年。亞凱迪亞同濟會(Kiwanis of Arcadia)於1月31日(週六)下午在位於巴市的Hillsides寄養學院舉行農曆年慶祝活動,讓這群7至16歲,首度接觸華人農曆新年文化的院童個個笑開懷。

亞凱迪亞同濟會會長許惠欽(John Hsu)表示,洛杉磯各地都在歡慶農曆新年,但仍有許多弱勢族群需要大家送愛心;而今年該會首度與Hillsides寄養學院合辦農曆年慶祝活動,義工們藉由各種遊戲方式,來解說農曆新年的由來、傳統、年節意義,也讓院童大開眼界。




Monday, February 2, 2009

Sharing the Year of the Ox at Hll Sides

This year, we decided to share our Chinese culture and traditions by celebrating the holidays with Hillsides - a group foster home. There were a total of 34 children, 10 staff, and 32 Kiwanians on-site to help out! The event was a SUCCESS!!!

Kiwanis 2009 Jan 31 Hill Sides

Bringing Chinese New Year to Hill Sides

Event Date:
Jan 31, 2009, 2pm to 3:30pm

940 Avenue 64
Pasadena, CA 91105
Main Campus: (323) 254-2274
Fax: (323) 254-0598

Kiwanis of Arcadia, leading by John Hsu (STC Management), wants to bring Chinese New Year to the children at the Hill Sides. He’s aiming to bring the philanthropy to the focus of Chinese community. Kiwanis of Arcadia will be the first of the Chinese groups to visit their facility. John not only wish to bring laughter to the Children at Hill Sides, but also show them the Chinese Americans also care very much about our community, our children and our neighborhood.

Contact: Marisol Barrios-Jordan, Hillsides
Office: (323) 254-2274 ext. 274
Mobile: (310) 713-8567
John Hsu, Kiwanis Arcadia
Mobile: (626) 374-3180


今年在洛杉磯的華裔義工團體 - Arcadia同濟會,將把華人傳統的農曆新年帶入一所位於Pasadena的寄養學院 - Hillsides,讓這些孩童可以有機會認識我們華人如何過傳統的農曆新年。所有的義工都是Arcadia同濟會的會員,而同濟會是由一群致力於服務社區及全球兒童/青少年的社會人士所組成,其宗旨是希望可以幫助到所有需要幫助的孩童,所以這次他們將讓 HillsideS的孩童有新的體驗可以認識這個不一樣的新年!

這些同濟會會員,將會用遊戲及活動的方式來解說農曆新年的由來和意義以及新年時會做的事情,例如: 如何佈置新年、發紅包討吉利的源由、如何製作手工燈籠,還有教他們一些傳統的遊戲如: 扯鈴、踢毽子,,..等,讓孩童可以從趣味中有更深的體驗來認識華人的農曆新年,而將這種具有正面教育意義的活動帶給HILLSIDES的孩童是所有同濟會會員的希望。

HILL SIDES 是個歷史悠久的孤兒院,創立於1913 直到近代成為寄養學院 HILLSIDES 是一個安全及溫暖的地方,讓有需要的孩童可以居住在此,而在這兒的孩童都是從一些有問題的家庭或是其他寄養家庭所來的,這些孩童沒有辦法像一般的孩子可以擁有正常的家庭關懷,所以他們大多都有一些心理上的障礙去面對社會。所以同濟會會員們及Hillside的教職員都希望這次的活動可以讓他們體驗一下家庭聚會的重要性及價值,讓他們知道這並不是困難的事並且讓他們在未來都可以有信心去擁有正常的家庭及下一代。
而其中寄養學院裡的教師也有提到: 「 可以讓我們的孩童體驗這種傳統式的文化是非常重要的,所以也希望將會有更多不同的團體像Arcadia 同濟會一樣,可以帶來更多的多元文化,讓我們的孩童可以有更多不同的經驗及知識。」

想要了解更多有關寄養孩童的訊息 可以聯絡 HILLSIDE (323) 255-9005 或上網站查詢 and .



Contact: Marisol Barrios-Jordan, Hillsides
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John Hsu, Kiwanis Arcadia
Mobile: (626) 374-3180

Chinese Volunteers Celebrate New Year with Foster Care Children
Local Kiwanis Club of Arcadia Volunteers Expose Los Angeles Kids to Chinese Traditions

(PASADENA, CA) – While many Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles will be reuniting with family and friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year, a local volunteer organization will be educating foster care children about the traditional ethnic celebration. The Kiwanis Club of Arcadia, whose mission is to change the world one child and one community at a time, will host several activities at Hillsides, a foster care charity that serves children and families in Los Angeles County, on Saturday, January 31st.

In celebration of the Year of the Ox, Arcadia Kiwanis volunteers will teach foster care children how to make red lanterns and origami. They will also pass out red envelopes, symbolic of “lucky money”, and decorate the room with red banners and red lanterns, which are used to frighten evil spirits. Other activities include teaching the children how to use chopsticks, playing with a Chinese yo-yo, and Chinese storytelling.

“As Kiwanis volunteers we want to have educational and fun activities for Hillsides’ children,” said Jeri Ni, Kiwanis representative. “We want to share with them why we celebrate the Lunar New Year and share the traditions we have.”
For many of the foster care children living in residential treatment centers like Hillsides, teaching them about the value of traditions in families is important. Children are removed from multiple foster care homes and have a difficult time establishing meaningful traditions.

“Offering cultural experiences like these are really significant to the children in our care,” said Laura Kelso, the foster care charity’s director of community resources. “We want to expose them to as many enriching activities and different traditions as possible and with the support of volunteer associations like the Kiwanis Club of Arcadia we are able to do so.”

To learn more about the foster care children’s charity, contact Hillsides at (323) 255-9005 or visit and

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About Hillsides: As a Pasadena charity founded in 1913, Hillsides creates safe places for children in foster care living in its residential treatment center and is a community treatment center preventing the cycle of abuse for children at risk and their families. To learn more about Hillsides, visit

Note to Editors: To protect the confidentiality and privacy of the foster care children in our care, as they are dependents of the courts, we ask that photos or film taken at this event be focused on the volunteers

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